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Located 300 metres east of the Yonge and Eglinton intersection in midtown Toronto, North American Tax Services assists individuals with cross-border (U.S. and Canada) tax issues.  Such tax issues, may include both immigration and emigration to or from Canada or to or from the United States.  Additional tax concerns that the firm can address may include taxation (and/or tax reporting) of employment income, various forms of compensation, employment related benefits, and reporting of investment income (e.g. capital gains, property or rental income, etc.) in Canada and/or the United States.  In addition, to addressing Canadian and U.S. tax issues, the firm can deal with tax matters for all Canadian provinces (including Quebec) and in all states within the U.S.

If you fall in one of the following categories - then we are the right professional accounting firm for you.

a. U.S. citizens residing in Canada, or

b. Canadians residing temporarily or permanently in the U.S.

c. Persons (from a country other than Canada and U.S.) working or residing temporarily for a relatively short duration in either Canada or U.S.  For example, a U.K. or Australian resident moves to Canada (or the U.S.) to accept a one or two-year employment contract.

Our current services, offered to both Canadian and U.S. residents and non-residents (including corporate entities) include tax preparation, tax planning and tax opinions (written or verbal), structuring of transactions and operations, as well as representation before tax authorities.

No Job Too Small

Of course we can also be of help for small matters.  You may merely require, for example, the preparation of a single tax return, in either Canada or the U.S.  If necessary (for example, where you have a relationship with an existing professional firm), we can coordinate the rendering of professional services with another involved firm, to ensure suitable overall service.  Typically, however, we will be engaged to prepare tax returns for an individual or corporate entity in both Canada (all provinces) and the U.S. (state included).

Professionalism / Ethics

New clients of the firm are typically provided with a letter of engagement before professional services are rendered so that they are aware of the services to be rendered (and related terms) and are in agreement with any proposed fee.  Service will commence after you have received, reviewed and agreed (by providing your signature) to terms specified in such engagement letter.  Client meetings are scheduled in advance by prearranged appointments.

In certain instances, where a professional matter is beyond our professional capabilities, we will refer you to an outside firm, to ensure that you obtain suitable service.  

Service for Professional Firms

The firm also provides high-level U.S. and Canadian tax expertise to both Canadian and U.S. professional firms (accounting, law and financial planning firms), where such expertise may not be available in-house.

Reason to Let North American Tax Services Help You

We possess both Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (initially licensed in 1997) and U.S. Certified Public Accountant credentials ( i.e.State of Delaware, CPA certification earned in 1999). Joseph Soussan, founder of of North American Tax Services, is currently licensed/registered as a CPA practitioner with both CPA Ontario and CPA New Hampshire.

The core of our business is rendering tax services for taxpayers who file in both Canada (all provinces) and the US (all States) or in either country.  Our firm principal, Joseph Soussan has taken advanced tax courses, typically taken only by accountants who have chosen to specialize in taxation.  

The firm’s practice is restricted to cross-border and international tax-related services. Our firm does not offer (or accept engagements pertaining to) investment advisory, audit or assurance services.


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